• All rotary table sizes are thoroughly tested on our own rotary table test bed.  All your specified functions and individual requirements are tried and tested by us before  dispatch.

Special rotary tables

POLAR-FORM offers a comprehensive spectrum of rotary tables for use in the production of two-shot and multi-shot molds in injection molding machines with a mold clamping force ranging from 40 to over 1000 tonnes.

Rotary tables from POLAR-FORM are, thanks to their low overall height, extraordinarily thin but in terms of design and construction they are also very robust. Working in close cooperation with our partners we have developed a wide variety of drives and autonomous control systems. This brings you 180° rotation in just 0.5 seconds - with a mold weight on the ejector side of 800 kilograms...

All rotary table sizes are  thoroughly tested on our own rotary table test bed. All functions that you request are tried and tested by us before dispatch.

As you can see, we really do know our way round. Our rotary tables are used with molds we manufacture in-house not only in our customers' production systems but also on our own multi-shot injection molding machines. So far, over the years we have been operating, we have implemented som 800 such rotary tables. With quantities in this order POLAR-FORM is clearly one of the leading rotary table specialists worldwide.

Technical data:

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