• In multi-shot injection molding processes a rotary table is the linking element between the injection molding machine and the injection mold itself.

    The rotary table is responsible for rotating the injection mold; this transports the pre-injected plastic workpiece (first shot) into the next station (second shot).

We really do know our way round

POLAR-FORM -  for more than 30 years - has been developing rotary table systems individually designed to your own specifications. Our rotary tables, available in various sizes, can be installed in injection molding machines operationg with a mold clamping force ranging from 40 up to 1000 tonnes.

They stand out by virtue of their short rotate times and robust, slim design. Seals and bearings ensure a long useful life.

These rotary tables ensure perfect positioning accuracy - quickly and exactly. The drive system is either hydraulic or fully electric and employs servo motors.

Our experience working with rotary tables and 2-shot molds, going back over more than 30 years, vouches for their excellent stability and reliability. We also pay particular attention to customer support and service.

See for yourself! Our rotary tables stand out by virtue of the very high level of innovation and flexibility they offer. For further information please refer to in our special documentation.