• You can count on us:  The quality standards we set ourselves are extremely high; we are satisfied with nothing less than absolute precision and we deliver right on time.

POLAR-FORM - partners in quality

POLAR-FORM draws on many years of experience in the manufacture of injection molds and rotary tables capable of satisfying the very highest quality requirements; we are committed to absolute precision and we deliver right on time.

And now we want to see you reap the benefits.

  • We can carry out sampling trials on our injection molding machines with small-lot production runs - all up to the usual POLAR-FORM quality level.
  • We also specialize in contract production and can - with our state-of-the-art machine pool - solve problems caused by capacity bottle-necks or by workpieces requiring too much travel for your own machines.
  • We ensure of course that all our supplies and services are provided with meticulous care and in the highest possible quality.