• We mold things exactly to your specifications: POLAR-FORM works on the basis of the data and diagrams you supply and according exactly to your ideas and wishes.

  • Every move is tuned to perfection: POLAR-FORM stands for precision, know-how, and meticulous care.  For mold design of the highest  quality.

Seeing your ideas take shape

Numerous companies from a wide variety of sectors place their trust in our know-how.  No matter what you need - golf shoe spikes, shells and fascia for mobile phones, or gear selector levers for the car industry - we develop the right mold for each and every plastic article.

POLAR-FORM designs and develops single-shot and multi-shot molds, silicone molds, rotary tables, and index drives. We are also specialists in in-mold labeling (IML), i.e. back-molding onto carrier foil.

With our mold flow simulation programm - our own in-house development - your products can be checked for their technical flow characteristics and behavior before mold design and construction even begin; the design can then be optimized accordingly.

We work on the basis of the data and diagramms you supply and according exactly to your ideas and wishes. All molds are subjected to practical testing. In trial runs - directly on the injection molding machine itself - we check to ensure that all your demands are met.